Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending.

I don't want to be remembered as just another pretty face.:)
Let us all be happy.<3

YOU and ME

YOU and ME


I couldn’t sleep last night. I can’t stop thinking how much i love this guy i can’t have. Like even though i know he loves me too maybe? :) Things are still hard. How is it possible to love someone you never met? We never go out for dinner. We never go on a park. We never watch movie together but it feels so real. I know what we have is real but its sad how things are impossible between us. Maybe soon he’ll date and met someone. but there’s nothing i want but for him to be happy. He’s a good guy and he deserves a girl who will love him and be with him when he’s happy or sad which i can’t do.

Maybe sometimes we really need to let go things we really love because when you love you’d always think whats good for them.

Someday we might find new love. but i’ll never forget him and the love we had. <3 

Sorry for being so dramatic.

Awesome song. <3 Must listen.

How i wish i could be right there with you.

Giving up.

Sometimes we need to be hurt and make tough decision for good and Maybe we can’t have everything we want.

Like no matter how much you love a person you can’t be together because it will only cause you pain.

Everything about us is impossible and it will only hurt me more if i keep hoping for nothing.

We invest our self to be inrelationship to be happy not to be sad. Yes all the pain is worth it if you love a person but i couldn’t handle this. Its not right. Everything is wrong. Age and distance. The fact that you’re not so sure about everything.

I don’t wanna hope that one day we’ll be together because that won’t happen and that hurts.

Arguing alot hurts me and scare me so i’d rather be lonely and loveless than being hurt again and again.


I wish you lived down the street.

I wish you lived down the street.