Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending.

I don't want to be remembered as just another pretty face.:)
Let us all be happy.<3

Im extremely happy right now :) Why? Because its weekend and no work! :) I’ve been waiting for this day since monday. I miss staying on my bed for long hours and just not thinking anything. Now that im working i realized what i really want in my life. I don’t wanna work for others instead i wanna build my own business and make people work for me but i promise to be a good boss :D

*sigh though im suffering meanstrual cramps right now i still love this day <3

I’ve been having really bad cramps since i was 11 after 10 years i still have it and never get used to it :(

I feel like i wanna rip my uterus! :(

Menstrual cramps here we are again. :(

Exam is over and now Im having the worst cramps ever!